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Animal Advocates year end report, thank you, Mary Cummins

Animal Advocates year end report and thank you by Mary Cummins on Wednesday, December 29, 2010 at 1:06pm Animal Advocates 2010 year end report Here are a few things we’ve accomplished in the last year. Wild animals we rescued 125 Fox Tree … Continue reading

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New Vegan coyote paw print tattoo on the palm of my hand, James Spooner, Animal Advocates, Mary Cummins

By James Spooner of Timeless Tattoo in Hollywood, California. You can’t use shading needles on hand tattoos as they can’t get the ink deep enough. He could only use the bigger deeper needle. Hand tattoos fade (and hurt) so they … Continue reading

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Emu rescue, Animal Advocates, Mary Cummins

Emu rescue by Mary Cummins on Monday, December 20, 2010 at 11:19am Emu’s cute face An emu ranch closed down and one emu escaped. He made his way to the neighbor’s house on a lake and lived there for a few months. … Continue reading

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Male adult emu needs a home, near Barstow, Animal Advocates, Mary Cummins

Adult male gray emu needs a home. An emu farm closed down and this guy escaped. He went to a neighbor’s property and has been living there a few months. They are feeding him emu food and he has water. … Continue reading

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