Banksy has committed animal cruelty before in "Turf War" exhibit

In 2003 Banksy held another exhibit where he painted animals. It was called “Turf War.” He painted farm animals, some of them freshly shorn. I assume he had them shorn so the paint would stick better and be more even.

These cows look like they were shorn before being painted.

Shorn sheep painted

This photo was not from the event but a flyer for the event. The event was in an old building, not a field. Notice the sheep have been very recently shorn. It looks like it was done right before painting them. 

A controversial exhibition by graffiti artist Banksy has been closed for “legal reasons”, according to his website. The show was shut after painted animals, which became hot and distressed, were taken back to their farm, a spokeswoman said. Organisers did not want to go on without the main attractions – cows, sheep and pigs that attracted animal rights protestors – but there were actually no legal problems, she said. Banksy is now considering taking the show on a national tour, the spokeswoman added. The exhibition, called Turf War, was held in a disused garage in east London.”

Banksy put these farms animals in a hot warehouse with no ventilation or air conditioning. He never did take the show on a national tour. I personally feel he intentionally abuses animals to get animal rights people up in arms just to get more publicity. Why else would he do this repeatedly. 

Mary Cummins of Animal Advocates is a wildlife rehabilitator licensed by the California Department of Fish and Game. Mary Cummins is also a licensed real estate appraiser in Los Angeles, California.

About Mary Cummins Animal Advocates Real Estate Appraiser

Mary Cummins is President of Animal Advocates. She is licensed with the California Department of Fish & Game, USDA and the City of Los Angeles to rescue and rehabilitate wildlife. Cummins speaks to local community groups and students about respecting wildlife and humane wildlife control. She is also a Humane Nuisance Wildlife Control Operator. She has written manuals on small mammal rehabilitation besides numerous articles. She was born and raised in Southern California. She attended Beverly Hills Good Shepherd Catholic School and Beverly Hills High School. Besides being a member of Junior Mensa and on the Dean's list, she was a top ten national swimmer and competed on the men's water polo team. She began college at the age of 15 attending the University of Southern California on scholarship, majoring in Psychology/Sociology. After college Cummins became a licensed real estate agent specializing in income property in Los Angeles. She obtained her real estate appraisal license, real estate brokerage license and currently does real estate consulting, expert witness testimony and review appraisals at Cummins Real Estate Services.
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7 Responses to Banksy has committed animal cruelty before in "Turf War" exhibit

  1. Anonymous says:

    banksy should have his body shorn and we can paint 'stupid mther fcker, animal abuser' on him. how about that?!

  2. If we call it "art," it should be legal then, right? 😉

  3. Lorraine says:

    Isn't Paint Harmful To Animals? What Happens If It Goes In There Eyes, Nose Or Ears Would That Not Damage Them? What Happens If The Animal Licks It Self Would The Paint Not Go In To There System? Are These Not Basic Questions That Banksy And Organisers Should Have Asked Them Selves?

  4. The paint is toxic to skin. Banksy even painted her private parts. They should have used children's face paint but they probably wanted to save money. Plus, they wanted it to match the walls of the exhibit perfectly.

  5. Anonymous says:

    just shut up. you're willing to inflict violence on a human to defend another animal. shut up.

  6. I'm not willing to inflict violence on a human to defend another animal.

  7. Lucy says:

    Banksy's art is embarrassing and full of cliches. Reading about his treatment of animals only serves to emphasise how far he has to go to hide how bad it is. Next time he should he pick on someone who can fight back. It's disgraceful that these animals are made to suffer for his pathetic gimmicks.

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