GoDaddy’s Bob Parsons kills elephants for sport, Animal Advocates, Mary Cummins

Bob Parsons went to Zimbabwe to hunt and kill elephants. He tweeted a video of himself killing an elephant titled “My vacation video.” The video shows him leaning on the dead bloody elephant, gun on the elephant’s head smiling proudly at the camera. 

A smiling Bob Parsons with gun on head of dead bloody elephant.
*Ian Gloss, Tim Element are professional safari hunting guides. Tony Theiler may be wealthy Arizona local.
Video is at the bottom of this article.
Activists, animal lovers and some customers said they were furious, calling the video an “elephant snuff film.” PETA called Parsons “heinous” and labeled him the “scummiest CEO of the year.” Other activists created a petition on to tell Parsons that “Real Men Don’t Kill Elephants.”
The day after Parsons kills the elephant the villagers descend upon the carcass now missing its ivory tusks ripping away the skin and meat. The camera zooms in on a smiling villager wearing a GoDaddy logo hat while cutting chunks of bloody meat. Mind you, this video was made and posted by Bob Parsons. He gave the villagers the GoDaddy hats. This is his idea of brand marketing, GoBobby style.

“I always wear my GoDaddy hat when I cut up illegally killed endangered elephants.”
Villagers ripping meat off the elephant which is now missing its ivory tusks
While the villagers rip the meat off the elephant the song “Hell’s Bells” from AC/DC plays in the background. The lyrics are about Satan being evil, killing the young and taking them to hell. 
“You’re only young but you’re gonna die. I won’t take no prisoners, won’t spare no lives. Nobody’s putting up a fight. I got my bell, I’m gonna take you to hell. I’m gonna get you, Satan get you,” and “I’ll give you black sensations up and down your spine. If you’re into evil, you’re a friend of mine.”
According to a title that wasn’t even spell-checked, “Team waits until the elephant are close then turns on lights duct tapped to their rifles, opens fire. Parsons shoots first, and an elephant falls. Bob fires again, Both shots hit home.” These captions don’t sound like the work of a humanitarian but a trophy hunter. His trophy is the video. He’s admitted in the past that he’s a “big game hunter.”

Parsons captioned the video

From Twitter
 Bob Parsons 

Just back from hunting problem elephant in Zimbabwe. Here’s my vacation video. Enjoy. 
14 March

“I kind of figured that this might happen. So be it, I’m not ashamed of what I did,” Parsons, whose Scottsdale, Ariz.-based company provides domain and Web hosting services, told myFoxPhoenix Tuesday.

After feeling the backlash from his video, he released a press release March 23 saying that he helps people all the time, especially women. I bet he thinks hiring young women to wear lingere and bikinis in his ads really helps women. He went on to say that lots of celebrities love him.Parson press release trying to repair the damage.

Parsons said that he kills elephants who harm villagers crops. He said that the hunts are the most rewarding thing he does, and that he hopes to go again next year.

If he really wanted to help the villagers, he could easily use non-lethal means to control the endangered elephants. He could also help in other ways by providing the villagers with education or medical care. 
Illegally killing endangered elephants to “help villagers” is tantamount to hiring under age prostitutes in Thailand to “help the Thai people.” It’s the same as illegally buying cocaine to “help the Columbian economy” or buying blood diamonds to “help poor African children.” His rationalization is an insult. It’s an excuse to illegally hunt endangered elephants for sport. 
Besides this walking up behind an elephant at night and just shooting it isn’t even sport. This is almost on par with cow tipping when you have a dozen men with high powered rifles.
Bob has other videos giving business advice. Perhaps it’s time for Bob to hire a PR person. He has no idea what he’s doing and should not be let out of the office any time soon. He really doesn’t get it as you can see from his most recent tweet.

 Bob Parsons 

Over 10 nat’l interviews today. Will be on news tonight. Love explaining why it’s a good thing to help starving people.
March 31

*Ian Gloss is a professional safari hunter. People pay him to take them to hunt and kill elephants and other animals He runs African Safari Company. They even have a Facebook page.This is from their website, “Hunting Safaris in Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe offer the chance to get up close and personal with the “Big Five”. Here is your chance to get the trophy you have always dreamed about.” Bob’s wife 46 y.o. Renee Labelle Parsons even posted on a Facebook photo of Bob and his hunting group. 

Tim Element is also a professional safari hunter. This was a paid hunting trip not a trip to help poor villagers.

UPDATE: Seems Zimbabwe’s government is corrupt. They lie about the number of elephants that they have so they can kill them. Article is here

UPDATE: The elephant is a female, not a male. Did he have a permit for a female elephant? Did he shoot blindly in the dark not realizing it was a female?

UPDATE: Bob removed the original video and replaced it with an edited one. He allowed some news stations to use his original video. After the backlash he went after them for copyright infringement and made them remove them. His video clearly shows a female elephant.

UPDATE: I sent him an email about the elephant hunt. This is the response. “Thank you for taking the time to express your opinion about Mr. Parsons’ recent trip to Zimbabwe.Mr. Parsons did this during his time off and not as a Go Daddy Project. As you may be aware Mr. Parsons has also made several comments regarding this on his Vlog at which you may wish to review.We thank you again for your time and feedback.Kindest regards,Office of the President.”

Bob Parsons is the sole owner of GoDaddy. He is now trying to distance himself from himself by saying he did it on his time off.

*Disclaimer. Stills taken from Bob Parsons’ video are used under the doctrine of fair use. I am commenting about the images and video. I have only used a few stills from the five minute long video. More information on the fair use of copyrighted material here.

Mary Cummins of Animal Advocates is a wildlife rehabilitator licensed by the California Department of Fish and Game. Mary Cummins is also a licensed real estate appraiser in Los Angeles, California.


About Mary Cummins Animal Advocates Real Estate Appraiser

Mary Cummins is President of Animal Advocates. She is licensed with the California Department of Fish & Game, USDA and the City of Los Angeles to rescue and rehabilitate wildlife. Cummins speaks to local community groups and students about respecting wildlife and humane wildlife control. She is also a Humane Nuisance Wildlife Control Operator. She has written manuals on small mammal rehabilitation besides numerous articles. She was born and raised in Southern California. She attended Beverly Hills Good Shepherd Catholic School and Beverly Hills High School. Besides being a member of Junior Mensa and on the Dean's list, she was a top ten national swimmer and competed on the men's water polo team. She began college at the age of 15 attending the University of Southern California on scholarship, majoring in Psychology/Sociology. After college Cummins became a licensed real estate agent specializing in income property in Los Angeles. She obtained her real estate appraisal license, real estate brokerage license and currently does real estate consulting, expert witness testimony and review appraisals at Cummins Real Estate Services.
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9 Responses to GoDaddy’s Bob Parsons kills elephants for sport, Animal Advocates, Mary Cummins

  1. Jinky says:

    Thank you Mary, for exposing this creep. I like your analogy too. Let's keep this circulating; people need to know what an awful person he is and how he deserves a boycott.Carole Davis

  2. Riley says:

    Changing our domains as soon as I find a suitable option.

  3. Anonymous says:

    What a horrible person he is.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Unfortunately Bob Parsons is the sole owner of GoDaddy. He was trying to sell the company for $1B a little while ago but no one wanted to buy it for that money. Now they really won't want to buy it.

  6. Ray McLean says:

    Mary, thank you for the pics of Bob looking all proud of his kill. He obviously has little manhood and is making up for the 'little things' in his life. Please remove the picture of the bird in your Animal Advocates logo/banner since you seem to want to rescue every animal except birds.. Why not value birds too? I incidentally ripped off a guy(I held back consignment $) who saved a Falcon and spotted yellow belly wood pecker who found redeeming value in helping these birds. Nice guy, don't know why I didn't pay him the coin($200)… It was very Parsons of me, I should have given him a godaddy hat ;-/

  7. I value birds. I can only rescue pet birds and non-protected birds. I am so busy rescuing native mammals that I saw no need to get a Federal bird permit. I refer bird calls to others.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Thank you so much for this post and indeed for all the wonderful work you do. Like most people I have never really heard of this cretin until I saw the video but I won't soon forget that twisted smile. The worst part is that he dragged down the people of Zimbabwe with this revolting display.

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