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First Ag-gag case is dismissed, freedom of speech, animal cruelty

In 2011 a bill was introduced in Utah by Rep. John Mathis. HB 187 made it a crime to take photos or videos on a farm without prior permission. First offense violations would result in a class A misdemeanor while … Continue reading

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Amanda Lollar of Bat World Sanctuary trying to illegally bully websites into removing my honest content

Amanda Lollar of Bat World Sanctuary sent the court order in the Texas case to a press release website. She demanded that they remove my press release which is copy/paste from my appeal. The contents of an appeal can never … Continue reading

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Donating used furs to animal groups, Mary Cummins, Animal Advocates

For years people have kindly offered to give us used fur to use as bedding for wildlife babies. They no longer want to wear fur because they don’t approve of the inhumane fur industry and killing animals just for clothing. … Continue reading

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Mary Cummins responds to Amanda Lollar’s defamation, libel

I just received a copy of an email which Amanda Lollar of Bat World Sanctuary sent to members of the public. What she wrote is libel and defamation which I will be adding to my lawsuit against her which I … Continue reading

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Mary Cummins, Animal Advocates, help pass debarking ban in New York

Please act immediately & get the word out. Many calls are needed!! Forward this alert. Tweet and post this link to FB:   UPDATE: New Action Needed   The Proposed NYS Devocalization Ban, A3431D, Was Sent to the NYS SENATE  and … Continue reading

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Horse handler, veterinarian, American Humane Association to blame for dead horses in TV series "Luck"

Three horses did in TV series “Luck” I just read this Forbes article about the dead horses in the TV series “Luck.”  They reference this letter below written by PETA legal counsel. They review the necropsy reports of the … Continue reading

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Mary Cummins member of HSUS NDART team raids cock fighting facility

May 4, 2010The HSUS Assists San Luis Obispo County Sheriff on Cockfighting RaidNational organization praises law enforcement for taking swift actionPreviousNext Mary Cummins is a member of the HSUS NDART team Mary Cummins is a member of the HSUS NDART … Continue reading

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