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Animal Advocates is against fox and coyote penning

Coyote, fox penning is inhumane Virginia Department of Game and Inland FisheriesAttn: Policy Analyst and Regulatory Coordinator Please, ban coyote and fox penning. Capturing, transporting, marketing, and penning wild animals for dog training is inherently cruel, and should be banned … Continue reading

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Mary Cummins Animal Advocates coyote exclusion

Yesterday I did a humane coyote exclusion on a property. The neighbors complained that their dog was bitten by a coyote. They told animal control that the coyote lived in their neighbor’s back yard. Animal control told the neighbor to … Continue reading

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UPDATE: Glendale coyotes – Mary Cummins, Animal Advocates

Manfred Werner/WIKIMEDIA COMMONS. Mary Cummins, Animal Advocates UPDATE: The coyotes left the Glendale home on their own. They were scared out by the media and animal advocates.  “The story broke big Monday, with news trucks and animal rights activists descending … Continue reading

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Mary Cummins investigates burned house with coyotes, Animal Advocates

318 Brockmont, Glendale, CA. Burned house with coyotes living in it. See the can of Kerosene? Hmm. I was just at the property today to investigate. I had offered to scare the coyotes out of the house and board it … Continue reading

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MaryEllen Schoeman tells residents trapping coyotes does not work, Animal Advocates

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Coyote rescued off fence, LA Animal Services, Animal Advocates

Coyote stuck on fence. Rescued by LA Animal Services. A woman sent this email. “I live in West Hills, CA and have a Coyote hanging upside down stuck in my fence.  His 2 legs are stuck between the slats of … Continue reading

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Staying safe around coyotes, Animal Advocates, Mary Cummins

DFG Recommends Caution Around Coyotes MAY 25, 2011 BY CA DFG NEWS If you’re in the outdoors anywhere in California this spring, you might cross paths with one of the state’s most common predators – the coyote. Clever, nimble and … Continue reading

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Mary Cummins trying to rescue injured coyote, Animal Advocates

I’m trying to rescue this injured male coyote with mange. His rear left leg is injured. He also has an infected sore on his right hip and is missing almost all of his fur from mites. The coyote is in … Continue reading

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New Vegan coyote paw print tattoo on the palm of my hand, James Spooner, Animal Advocates, Mary Cummins

By James Spooner of Timeless Tattoo in Hollywood, California. You can’t use shading needles on hand tattoos as they can’t get the ink deep enough. He could only use the bigger deeper needle. Hand tattoos fade (and hurt) so they … Continue reading

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Animal Advocates rescues coyotes in Los Angeles, California, Mary Cummins

Animal Advocates has been rescuing ill, injured and orphaned coyotes in the Los Angeles area of California. We also provide humane coyote control and speak to groups about dealing with coyote issues. We recently received our permit to permanently rehabilitate … Continue reading

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