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Why you should never shoot a skunk with a gun to euthanize it. Their spray is flammable.

This blog entry is for people who have found a severely injured skunk and want to euthanize it humanely in the field. You would think a bullet to the head would be humane. When it comes to skunks, that may … Continue reading

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Please, object to the Dept of Firestry’s "vegetation treatment plan which will destroy wildlife," Mary Cummins, Animal Advocates

  Mary Cummins, “grinding up living habitat along with small wildlife throughout California is not acceptable. There are more effective ways to protect people and property without destroying the ecosystem.”   Background   In a misguided attempt to reduce fire … Continue reading

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Mary Cummins investigates burned house with coyotes, Animal Advocates

318 Brockmont, Glendale, CA. Burned house with coyotes living in it. See the can of Kerosene? Hmm. I was just at the property today to investigate. I had offered to scare the coyotes out of the house and board it … Continue reading

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Animal Advocates is rescuing wildlife victims from the Los Angeles fires

Animal Advocates is rescuing wildlife victims from the Los Angeles firesby Mary Cummins ( mary [at] )Friday Sep 4th, 2009 11:59 AM Baby raccoons saved by Animal Advocates, Mary Cummis Los Angeles – September 3, 2009 – The recent … Continue reading

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Mary Cummins, Animal Advocates helping EARS with animal fire victims

October, 2003: Animal Advocates helps out animal victims of the California fires Animal Advocates helped out EARS, Emergency Animal Rescue Services. We were in San Bernardino helping out, photos below (click to see larger). We went there with paramedic kits, … Continue reading

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