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Bat Conservation International reports Amanda Lollar to Texas Parks & Wildlife Department

Katie Gillies the Imperiled Species Coordinator for Bat Conservation International tells Wendy Connally of Texas Parks & Wildlife Department that Amanda Lollar may not be following regulations. I of course totally agree with Katie Gillies. Amanda Lollar was way out … Continue reading

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Amanda Lollar I believe is mentally ill. Her crazy letter to officials

It’s the craziest thing I’ve ever seen. She supposedly is making Dottie Hyatt defame and libel me on her behalf. Amanda Lollar indirectly through Dottie Hyatt is violating the court order and harassing me. She’s sending a letter to USDA, … Continue reading

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Bat Conservation International and bats need your help. Please, read and sign.

Save Bracken Cave Reserve! What happens when you put 10,000 peoplenext to more than ten million bats?   No one knows for sure but, unfortunately, we may soon find out.    Dear Bat Conservation International Supporter: I’m the new director of Bat Conservation International … Continue reading

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I filed a complaint against Judge William Brigham with the Texas State Commission on Judicial Conduct

I filed a formal complaint today against Judge William H. Brigham. My complaint alleges he is not fit to be a judge and his behavior was unethical. Below is my complaint minus exhibits which are also linked as foot notes. … Continue reading

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First Ag-gag case is dismissed, freedom of speech, animal cruelty

In 2011 a bill was introduced in Utah by Rep. John Mathis. HB 187 made it a crime to take photos or videos on a farm without prior permission. First offense violations would result in a class A misdemeanor while … Continue reading

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Appellant Mary Cummins files reply to Appellees’ motion to strike brief, Animal Advocates

Appellant Mary Cummins files a reply to Appellees’ motion to strike my brief. They said I did not comply with the rules and cited evidence outside of the court record. Not true. Here is the direct link if it doesn’t … Continue reading

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Eric Shupps’ testimony did not help Appellees’ case, Mary Cummins, Animal Advocates

Eric Shupps, BinaryWave, Sharepoint Cowboy Eric Shupps of BinaryWave Sharepoint Cowboy consulant in Texas Eric Shupps of BinaryWave Sharepoint “Cowboy” consultant gave testimony in a Texas court in June 2012. In his testimony Eric Shupps stated that Cummins was the … Continue reading

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Randy Turner, Randall Turner, attorney lawyer Texas

Randy Turner, Randall Turner, lawyer attorney in Texas staring inappropriately, resting his eyes and supposedly taking a nap during his client’s deposition. Randy Turner Randall Turner attorney lawyer Texas Mary Cummins of Animal Advocates is a wildlife rehabilitator licensed by … Continue reading

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Eric Shupps, BinaryWave, Sharepoint, eshupps

Eric Shupps, BinaryWave, Sharepoint Cowboy, eshupps, not an expert Eric Shupps, BinaryWave, Sharepoint Cowboy, eshupps, not an expert September 27, 2012: Update: I just sued Eric Shupps for defamation and libel. More information here. Eric Shupps is now attacking me … Continue reading

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Mary Cummins responds to Amanda Lollar’s defamation, libel

I just received a copy of an email which Amanda Lollar of Bat World Sanctuary sent to members of the public. What she wrote is libel and defamation which I will be adding to my lawsuit against her which I … Continue reading

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