Appellant reply brief filed against Amanda Lollar of Bat World Sanctuary

Mary Cummins v Amanda Lollar, restraining order, brief filed Appellant’s reply brief was filed today in the restraining order case I have against Amanda Lollar of Bat World Sanctuary. When we go back to superior court I will be armed to the teeth with evidence of her extreme harassment, cyberstalking and defamation.

Dean Rocco’s reply brief was just a long drawn out personal attack. He again lies like crazy. It also seems like he wrote his reply in about ten minutes by copy/pasting a reply for a totally different case. I think he did this so he wouldn’t get sanctioned and so he could charge Amanda Lollar even more money. He states I never cited the record or argument when I did repeatedly. He states all appeals must have oral reporter transcripts when that is a flat out lie. He intentionally misleads the court on this issue.

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About Mary Cummins Animal Advocates Real Estate Appraiser

Mary Cummins is President of Animal Advocates. She is licensed with the California Department of Fish & Game, USDA and the City of Los Angeles to rescue and rehabilitate wildlife. Cummins speaks to local community groups and students about respecting wildlife and humane wildlife control. She is also a Humane Nuisance Wildlife Control Operator. She has written manuals on small mammal rehabilitation besides numerous articles. She was born and raised in Southern California. She attended Beverly Hills Good Shepherd Catholic School and Beverly Hills High School. Besides being a member of Junior Mensa and on the Dean's list, she was a top ten national swimmer and competed on the men's water polo team. She began college at the age of 15 attending the University of Southern California on scholarship, majoring in Psychology/Sociology. After college Cummins became a licensed real estate agent specializing in income property in Los Angeles. She obtained her real estate appraisal license, real estate brokerage license and currently does real estate consulting, expert witness testimony and review appraisals at Cummins Real Estate Services.
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